About Me

I’ve been doing in-house design since 2000, and as the organizations I’ve worked for have grown I’ve been fortunate to be part of some life-changing professional experiences. I’ve been the lone designer; I’ve managed a team of 10. I’ve worked in a modest office in an LA suburb; I’ve worked on the 50th floor in the heart of downtown LA. I’ve been part of an IPO that tanked; I’ve been part of an IPO that soared. I’ve been with the company acquired for $900 million; I’ve been with the company making a $600 million acquisition.

And I’ve only changed jobs once.


Work featured on Adobe.com / Co-author of 3 published Photoshop books / Luminent IPO launch in 2000 / LoopNet IPO launch in 2006 / LoopNet acquisition by CoStar for $860 million in 2012 / 2012 CoStar/LoopNet Leadership Conference, Washington, DC / Featured speaker at 2012 CoStar Developers Conference, Santa Barbara / Apartments.com acquisition by CoStar in 2014 for $585 million


Sketch / Adobe CC / Principle / Invision / Asana / Sublime / Slack / Google Docs/Sheets