Dribbble Top Player Stats

I used the dribbble API to create numerous stats to better understand the top 1,000 users on the platform.





Using Dribbble's API and some light scraping, I wrote a script that pulled the number of followers, draftees, shots, days since last shot, views, likes received, likes given, comments received, comments given, rebounds received, and rebounds given for each of the top 1000 most popular designers on the platform. My goal was to come up with interesting metrics that would provide insights into the community of top designers beyond who had the most followers. While followers were an obvious measure of overall popularity over time, I found metrics like Likes per Shot, Likes per View, Comments per Shot, and Comments per View provided some good ways to surface designers who were newer to the platform and outperforming others who were higher up on the list. I also used metrics like Comments Made per Comments Received and Likes Given per Likes Received to look at players who stood out by contributing back to the system.


I used Dribbble's stats for the top 1,000 players as a baseline, then created new stats such as Likes per View, Followers per Shot, Views per Shot, and more. I dumped it all into a giant sortable HTML table, and it ended up providing good insight into players who may not have top tier follower counts, but consistently post shots that relatively receive a lot of attention.


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