Gymnastics Scores Data Visualization



My daughter is a competitive gymnast, and for the past 6 years I've tracked the scores from all her meets. I thought it'd be an interesting exercise to visualize the scores and see if I could spot any trends. Some of the questions I wanted to answer were: 1) How have her scores changed over time?, 2) What other metrics can I come up with beyond scores?, and 3) Could any of these new metrics be more informative than just the scores?

The first concept I dug into was a way to represent her scores on each event relative to her competitors, so I designed and built a prototype with the actual data that was inspired by a DNA strip. The idea was to see the scores plotted on rows per event to see how they're distributed, and where her scores fell versus the group (and versus the average, too).

Building off of that concept, I also wanted to come up with some metrics to support the idea of seeing how the scores were distributed, so I created a series of charts to visualize: difference vs the average (to adjust for the variable judging per meet), rank percentile (as a better relative measure of where she ranked), and z-score (to incorporate standard deviations as a representation for extraordinary scores).