About me

I’m a design manager and product designer who loves being involved in the entire product development lifecycle. I’ve spent my entire career working on in-house design teams, from startups to large corporations.

I was an early hire at the commercial real estate marketing platform LoopNet, where I started as the lone product designer and front-end developer. We grew massively over the next couple years, leading to a successful IPO in 2006. Our CEO rang the opening bell for NASDAQ!

Post-IPO, we continued to innovate and expand our user base, building a sales comps product that led to being acquired by rival CoStar in 2012. I stayed on with CoStar, hiring and managing designers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC while also continuing to lead strategic projects as a principal designer. We made our mark across the company's verticals, delivering on key initiatives for CoStar, LoopNet, CityFeet, BizBuySell, and Land & Farm. In 2014 CoStar acquired Apartments.com, and my team and I were a key part of it's rapid integration into CoStar's ecosystem.

After a long run in commercial real estate tech, I went back to the world of startups and joined Surefront as Director of UI/UX in 2020. Surefront is a platform empowering retailers and suppliers to work together more effectively through cross-organizational collaboration. While I was there we built and improved several major platform features that enabled our customers to better manage their product data and collaborate internally and externally.

I'm currently Head of Design at Archipelago, a data network for insurance brokers and their property customers who seek to do business based on more accurate information.

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